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Why do some people lift their left heel during the golf back swing? Now the left heel is something which you saw rise quite a lot. In the older pros so from the 70s the 80s and then obviously before that as well, is often used to help actually turn the body more during the back swing. Many of the modern professionals who are kind of more fair to the healthy, can actually complete a full turn whilst keeping that left foot pretty much glued to the ground. However some people if they are restricted and they can’t quite turn the body you know if you’re in the back swing, if the left heel actually rises, you can actually turn a lot more. The only thing you have to bear in mind is when that left heel comes up, it has to be the first thing that plants down during the actual down swing. If you start the down swing and that left heel is still up, you’ll spin over the top come from out to hit a normal hit slice but also hit very inconsistent shots. So if you are struggling with a little bit of turn and you’re not quite feeling like you’re rotating enough, if you allow the left heel to rise, you will turn that little bit more. But if in your Golf Back Swing you just come up and you do turn a little bit more, make sure it’s the first thing that goes back down during the down swing. It can also help with timing but give it a go and see for yourself.