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So, following on from the first exercise, if you can check the credit card, it's still in the right place, it's still nicely positioned and Velcroed into the back of your glove here, we can now go ahead and make a swing back, so, turning the shoulders, lifting the golf club away to the top of the back swing.

We could now use the credit card to check that we've got the right top of the back swing position. Again, it should have even pressure, the pressure from the addressed position to the top of the backswing shouldn't really change too much. If you've been taking the golf club back and overly hinging your wrist downwards this way, you'll see how the credit card comes away from the back of my hand, but likewise overly cupping the wrist back this way, I can feel the credit card bending and pushing in to the side of my hand and I've got the club in the wrong face.

So, I could have the club face closed and the credit card comes away. I could have the club face too open, too much pointing at the ground and I'm bending the credit card into my wrist. If I was to set the credit card again, turn it back correctly, the club face matches the forearm of my left arm, and the credit card sits nice and evenly against my wrist. It doesn't add too much pressure. So, I can feel the pressure I have at set up and the pressure I have at the top hasn't really altered.

If you feel the credit card moved away or pushed down into your wrist, chances are you're overly using your wrist in the backswing to close or open the club face. So, have a couple of practice swings with this, turning to the top, feeling the even pressure.

You don't necessarily need to hit any golf balls just now, just lots of practice swings, great exercise to work on at home. So, use the credit card drill to check on the top of your backswing.