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How can I add length to my golf backswing but still keep control? Now the reason you'd want to add length to your golf backswing if you are looking for a little bit more power, because the more you turn away from the target at the top of the swing and the more potential energy and the more potential club head speed you will actually be able to unleash through the impact area. However you can turn back into an incredibly wide and fully turn position but from here you’re not going to have any kind of control at all, so it needs to be the two working in harmony.

Now probably the easiest way to think about this is you want to be turning the body especially the upper body from the hips upwards as much as you can while skipping the lower half in a still and steady position. Now this is something that the top players in the world do in the most flexible and the fittest players in the world do, they are able to keep their hips and their legs very, very still in a very, very strong posture whilst rotating and turning the upper body. And if you can turn and rotate the upper body whilst keeping the legs nice and steady you can push it as much as possible until the hips go the knee kind of straightens out and that’s when you'll actually start to lose control.

Now there are number of different ways to kind of test this and to practice this and one of the easiest way is, is with an alignment stick and you can pop it just through the loop on your belt, so it symbolizes and it shows your actual hip position you are right here – so it shows your hip position here at the point of address and then what you can do is you can get yourself setup where you swing to the top of your backswing and what you want to be seeing you don’t want to be seeing this alignment stick turning more than 45 degrees in relation to your target. If it starts to rotate around to this position those hips have rotated too much and you are going to start to lose control.

So you want those shoulders to turn 90 degrees and you want the hips to only turn about 45 and if you can get in this position, if you can keep that, those hips at 45 degrees but turn those shoulders a little bit more then fantastic you are going to be in a very flexible position. Now this isn't always possible for someone who has kind of back trouble or isn’t the most flexible person so it might take a little bit of strength and flexibility work to actually get the best of both worlds. But if you are looking to add more backswing turn while staying in control work on turning the upper body away whilst keeping the lower half as steady as possible. If you can do that you are going to be able to generate a lot more power whilst staying in control of that shot.