Help To Grip The Golf Putter Correctly A

How can you hole more putts simply? The answer to that is to hit the ball with a perfectly square face at impact.

The club face angle at impact has about 85% influence on the starting direction of the golf ball. This is why it is very important to hold the golf putter correctly to help keep the golf club face square at impact.

Fault - If the grip is incorrect, the club face can be manipulated in a way that the face will be open or closed at impact. If the golf grip is too strong, the face will more than likely aim closed to the intended target line. If the golf grip is too weak, the golf club face can be aiming open to the intended target line.

Fix - While there are three main types of recommended grip for the full swing, with putting there is much more choice. That said, however, conventional wisdom suggests that using the grip known as the 'reverse overlap' is the best way to control the putter as you swing. Use this drill to form the reverse overlap.

Key tip - Make sure the grip is straight to the club face and when you take hold of the club you should maintain the square position of the club face.

  • Place the hand closest to the target on the top of the grip, with the palm facing the side of the grip and the back of your hand facing the target. Place your thumb down the centre of the putter grip which normally has a flat front to the grip. From there, hold the club in the fingers, not dissimilar to the normal grip, and place the hand on the side of the grip. As a check point, you should see your thumb is straight down the middle of the grip.
  • The bottom hand is placed below the other hand nearer to the bottom of the grip. The fingers wrap around the club and the thumb of this hand is placed on the top of the grip in a straight line down the front.
  • Bring both hands close together so that the top hand's thumb is covered by the bottom hand's pad near the thumb.
  • The top hand's index finger is then placed down the side of the fingers on the bottom hand so that you can see the index finger of the top hand closest to the target.
  • You can try placing your bottom hand index finger down the side of the golf club for control.
  • Keep the hands relaxed and tension free. Aim to hold the golf club at about a 5 out of 10 grip pressure.