Golf - How Do I Improve My Strike With Irons 1

Striking your golf irons well helps on a number of levels. It will create more consistency, better judgement of distance control, height control and much better accuracy when hitting into greens.

Striking your irons well is also important so that you have the confidence to hit out of different lie conditions and play in different weather conditions. You may notice when professionals on television play, they maintain their balance perfectly throughout the golf swing. This certainly is no coincidence that they also strike their iron shots so brilliantly too.

Fault - Losing balance during the golf swing causes inconsistent strikes with irons and lack of consistency. If a golfer loses balance during the golf swing, many possible outcomes can occur. Heel shots, toe shot, topped shots, bottomed shots, fat shots, thin shots and even shanked shots. If the body is moving irregularly during the swing, and therefore losing balance, this can cause all the problem shots mentioned above.

Fix - There are drills to maintain balance during the golf swing. The first drill is a simple one to practice as it does not require equipment, just plenty of practice.

Golf - How Do I Improve My Strike With Irons 2

When you are next at the driving range or practice tee, practice this drill to help maintain balance throughout the golf swing to help become more consistent and confident when striking iron golf shots. Set up to the golf ball as you would do normally with a mid iron. From there, place your feet together so that they are almost touching together in line with the golf ball. Practice hitting golf balls stood in this position. You should at first notice how restricted you feel and how much you need to depend on your balance and tempo. Practice this drill until you become confident that you can hold your body balance throughout the golf swing. When you feel happy to create the same feeling of balance and tempo, continue to set up to the golf ball normally again with your stance wide and recreate the same feeling of balance and tempo whilst hitting much better golf shots.

To take this drill to the next level, you can work on hitting golf balls whilst standing on balance disks (small round inflatable cushions for use during exercise to engage core stability), or practice whilst stood on something soft and bouncy i.e. a mattress type material. From there, work on holding your balance, tempo and stability throughout the golf swing. Once you feel like you have mastered that then proceed in hitting golf balls without the balance disks, but still remain focused on your balance, tempo and stability.

You should notice when you stand back on solid ground that you suddenly feel much more stable and fixed, therefore helping with the improvement of your strike.