How To Create A More On Plane Golf Swing 1

The key to improving consistency is to swing on plane. The swing plane is the ideal arc the golf club travels around the body to produce the most effective golf swing possible.

Many golfers find it difficult to know how to swing on plane, however this drill will help you work out your most ideal swing plane and help produce much more consistent and accurate golf shots.

Fault - Golfers struggle to swing on a consistent plane leading to poor and inconsistent golf shots because the swing plane affects the swing path through the golf ball. The swing path has a huge affect on the direction the golf ball curves when the golf ball is in flight. This can also cause inconsistent strikes as the swing plane can affect the path so much that it travels through the golf ball from such an irregular angle that it produces an off centred strike.

Cure - Here is a great drill to help produce a more on plane golf swing. This drill is only to demonstrate the correct swing plane and is not to be used whilst hitting golf balls. Firstly, you will need an alignment stick or bamboo stick so that you can hold the alignment stick whilst holding the grip of the golf club so that the stick creates an extension of the golf club. Sit the alignment stick by your side that is closest to the target.

How To Create A More On Plane Golf Swing 2

Tip - You can use any of your golf clubs for this drill as the principles are the same.

Before setting up to your golf ball, place a marker such as a tee peg or another golf ball about three feet directly behind the golf ball on the target line and another marker three feet in front of the golf ball directly on the target line. Continue to set up to the golf ball holding your alignment stick with the markers in place. When you start your backswing the aim is to point the end of the alignment stick, the butt end of the golf club, at the marker point behind the golf ball at the half way back position. When checking this position in the golf swing, make sure the wrist hinge has already happened and the hands are in line with the body when looking from down the line. The shaft angle should be tilted so that the alignment stick is aiming at the marker on the floor behind the golf ball. Continue to the top of the backswing so that the swing is complete.

During the downswing, the alignment stick wants to aim at the marker to create the exact same position in the backswing so that the shaft angle stays the same. Continue through into a pretend impact position and through to the follow through position. At half way through the follow through, the alignment stick, the butt end of the golf club, should point at the marker that is in front of the golf ball whilst the hands are in line with the body. Notice how the shaft angle is tilted to the same angle that was produced in the backswing and downswing.

Key tip - Notice the feeling and body position whilst the stick points at the markers. Aim to repeat such movements when hitting golf balls without the alignment stick.