How To Bomb The Golf Driver Long 1

    This golf tip is designed to help you hit the golf ball further than your playing partners. To create more power we need to be able to hit the ball hard whilst still maintaining balance and tempo. In this tip we are going to help develop a simple way of maximizing club head speed, by becoming more dynamically explosive at set up and at impact.

    Problem - The set up position is pivotal in creating more power and energy through the golf swing. Incorrect set up can cause lack of power and result in lack of distance.

    Fix - The width of the stance is so important at address to maximize stability and balance to create more power when hitting the driver. Think about the Eiffel Tower when taking your stance, with the base being much wider that the top of the tower. The inside of your stance wants to be just wider than your shoulders to maintain balance and power. If the stance is too narrow when trying to create maximum club head speed, your balance will be hindered, therefore decreasing consistency.

    The ball position is also vital in the angle of attack when hitting the driver. Ideally we want to be hitting the driver on the way up, therefore we can place the ball position forward in the stance so that the ball is just inside the foot that is closest to the target. If the ball position is too central, the angle of attack will be far too downward hitting, therefore hindering the transfer of power into the golf ball. Another great way of creating more of an upward hit is to lean the body weight behind the ball at address.

    Key points - Your sternum (middle of chest) ideally wants to be slightly tilted back away from the target at address and also at impact so that the golf club's angle of attack is hitting more up on the ball. Do be careful not to lean back too much at impact. Ideally, we would want to just have our head behind the ball at impact. Then continue to follow through as normal after the shot to create the correct weight transfer.

    Top tip - Hold the club gently. Avoid strangling the golf club as this will restrict the correct hand action through the ball. This will help create more club head speed through the ball.