How Do I Hit A Simple Golf Flop Shot 1

The flop shot is one of the best show stopping golf shots in the game.

The bravery, confidence, skill level, accuracy and precision makes you look like the boss amongst your playing partners when you execute this incredibly difficult, high lofted, floating golf shot over a bunker or a hazard, straight on to the green close to the pin. However, it can also make you look like a real hacker if you attempt this very challenging golf shot and completely mess it up. The golf ball may shoot straight across the green with more ball speed than your best drive of the day and shoots into trouble or the golf ball may pop five yards in front of you because you have scuffed the floor and duffed the shot into the bunker or hazard. The tip is designed to make you the envy of your playing partners when you make flop shots look easy and risk free.

Fault - Struggling to execute the flop shot with any real precision and accuracy results in a poor golf shot that finishes nowhere near the intended target. This is mainly due to an incorrect and complicated set up position that many golfers attempt to mould themselves into. There is a misconception of opening the club face and the stance, and cutting across the golf ball with huge amounts of power and speed. This is not what is required to play the simple flop shot.

Fix - The simple flop shot can be creating by just tweaking the set up of the golf club at address. Firstly, you do need to choose the correct club for a shot that needs plenty of loft and height to make the golf ball shoot into the air with ease. Using your most lofted club is your golf set is recommended. Most golfers carry a lob wedge, however if you do not have one, a sand wedge would be sufficient. The next step is to increase the loft of your selected club without making huge adjustments. Set up to a short shot that requires height in your normal set up position, making sure you are set up parallel to the target line. Be sure that the golf ball is placed just in front of the middle of your stance. Open the golf club face by turning the toe of the club slightly away from the target so that it appears that the leading edge is aiming slightly to the right (left handed golfers to the left) then re-grip the golf club again in this position.

Key tip - The logo or alignment aid on the grip of the golf club should now not be straight with where you are holding the golf club because of the face adjustment.

From this point, simply lower your hands so that the club lies flatter at address (the shaft of the golf club points more at your legs than your torso). This in turn will cause the club face to aim straight at the target, however this time with much greater loft. The reason for this is because the loft of the club face is so great that when flattened the face plane tilt of the club face will aim straight at the target, however will look open and more lofted.

Swing as you would normally, focusing on a slightly longer swing than normal due to the extra loft imparted on the club face and enjoy the extra height you will achieve using a very simple and basic technique.