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If you’ve tried technical changes, if you've tackled the mental approach to shanking the chip shots and none of this has worked, how can you get out on to the course and actually try and eliminate this? How can you try and avoid that shank chip shot? Now if we kind of take this back to what is the actual root cause of a shank chip shot, it’s very simply when the ball is contacting from the heel of the club. Now if you have struggled with a shank chip shot, if you’ve watched these videos, you practiced what has kind of been included within the series and none of it is helping.

I would obviously recommend you going to get a personal lesson from a PJ professional nearby to try and eliminate the problem. But if you desperately just want to try and avoid hitting that heel on the golf club, practice chipping either with a hybrid or a fairway wood around the green. If you are kind of going to go over a bunker for example, this becomes a little bit of a problem because you can't run it through. But if you are base with -- if you are faced with just a normal kind of chip & run shot, there is no shame in actually using your fairway wood or your hybrid to actually execute the technique.

Unfortunately you know there's no getting away from the fact that we live in a real world. And if you're going now onto the golf course you've been hitting shank chip shots when you're chipping. You are very nervous about hitting the heel of the club. No matter what I say, you're still going to be feeling that way when you go into the course unless you’ve really practiced this out. So if you are just wanting to avoid that heel, if you are desperate not to hit that shot get your fairway wood out, get your hybrid out when you're on the course and hit chip shots with those.

That will give you the forgiveness that you need and they'll also eliminate the hosel problem that you are finding with your other chip shots. But it is something that can be overdone. Watch the video series. Get yourself practicing. And hopefully you'll be out there chipping very, very well before too long.