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So let’s have a look at the reasons why you would be actually shanking your chip shots. Why that heel would be contacting the ball in the way it does to give you that horrible shot out to the right-hand side. Now unfortunately, unfortunately there are two ways that that heel could come into contact with the ball. Now generally speaking most people will hit a heel shot and will hit a shank shot. When that club moves away from the ball, it goes a little bit too much outside the line, returns on a very steep angle of attack.

So the club is moving down in this manner through the chip shot. The heel contacts the ball first, and then it kind of flies off and away to that right-hand side. The other way that people can hit a shank from a chip shot is precisely in the other direction. So when that club moves a little bit too much on the inside, and then the hands push out to the ball and again that heel contacts the actual golf ball first. Now to actually try and cure this, there are many different ways of doing it. But the first stage of actually curing your shank chip shots is getting your diagnosis correct. Why are you doing it technically?

Which one of these best fits the description of your chipping technique? Now the easiest way to do this is to film yourself, or to look in the mirror. All you need to be doing is identifying your target line along the line that you're actually going to be hitting your chip shots, getting yourself setup with those feet slightly open. That weight a little bit more on that left side and just have a little bit of a look at your swing. Is it going too much this way? And then across too steep presenting the heel or is it coming away along the inside normally with the hands getting quite high and the club dipping in behind.

And all of the hands kind of pushing out towards the ball and you're hitting it in that direction off to the right-hand side because of that direction of swing. The first thing you need to do is identify which one you are doing. And then we can start to move on and look at the technical actually changes that you can make to improve the situation.