I’m going to show you how to aim the head of a Thomas hybrid golf club. First of all, to line a golf club up for any club in your bag, will be a case of standing behind the ball, picking a marker here – I’ve put some golf balls in front, stand behind, pick them up, you’re just in front of the ball and put your club face behind. But that sounds pretty simple but sometimes, the club head being all black or grey or very plain, it’s still hard to kind of get that alignment even though that marker is just here.

Now I bet you’ve got a Thomas Golf hybrid here and they’ve got this patented technology for the head. Now if you look, you’ll see there’s a line on it. Now this is excellent, this really helps you to get this alignment. If you’ve not seen this technology, go on the website and have a look. If I pull that club face behind the ball now and I put the line in the middle of the ball and I look at that ball, all of a sudden I can see quite clearly that this club face is lined up correctly and square. From that I can then guarantee almost that my feet are going to be parallel because I’ve actually got a line on the top of the head, that’s actually like a beacon showing me get my feet parallel to that.

So all of a sudden, aligning your club face up, and getting your body aligned parallel, is a lot easier and it’s all down to this technology. Not all hybrids are the same, so check out this website and I can assure you that with this technology, this has to improve the way you align your club face up.