Help Me Cure My Golf Hook 1

The golf hook is a really destructive golf shot.

It is a shot that starts right of the target then severely curves a great deal to the left of the target for a right handed golfer (left handed - the golf ball starts left of the target and curves a great deal to the right of the target). This shot will normally result in a lost golf ball, a shot that will find trouble or a golf ball that will be heading out of bounds. This tip is going to help you solve that problem.

Problem - A hook would normally happen with a driver as the loft of the face is low, therefore imparting more spin axis on the golf ball sending it off target. Also the extra speed created from the driver will cause the ball to curve off target much more. A hook shot can happen with an iron, however, most of the time this will be slightly less curved but the shot can still cause devastating results. The errors that can lead to a hooked golf shot will normally come directly from an incorrect grip. A hooked golf shot can come from the grip being too strong. A grip that is too strong means that the top hand of the grip is too much on top of the grip and the bottom hand of the grip is too much around the back of the golf club. This will cause the golf club face to aim severely closed at impact, therefore sending the golf ball left of the target for a right handed golfer (left handed - too strong a grip will close the club face at impact sending the golf ball severely right at impact).

As a result, the golfer may have learnt to try and hit the ball more to the right to stop the golf ball going left, however as a result, this exaggerates the impact factor and a hooked golf shot is born as the swing path becomes too much inside. The contrast between the swing path going right and the club face aiming more left than the path causes the ball to curve on a tilted spin axis.

Fix - Correct hold of the golf club is vital. The grip needs to become more neutral so that the club face remains square at impact.

Key point - Your top hand goes on the golf club first, making sure we hold the golf club straight. Hold the grip in the base of the fingers and wrap the hand on top, pointing the thumb down the front of the grip.

Check point 1 - Make sure you can see only 2½ knuckles on the hand when looking down.

Check point 2 - The thumb and index finger create a crease that points to your shoulder that is away from the target. Then place the bottom hand on the golf club holding again with the base of the fingers and wrap the thumb pad on top of the other hand's thumb.

Check point 3 - The crease between the thumb and the index finger again points towards the shoulder furthest away from the target. Link the fingers at the back of the grip by either interlocking or overlapping the index finger of the top hand and the little finger of the bottom hand.

Top tip - Hold the club gently. Avoid strangling the golf club as this will restrict the correct hand action through the ball.

Key point - Once the grip has been neutralized, the idea would be to swing the golf club less from the inside of the ball. Therefore, attempt to swing the golf club more to the left of the target and release the golf club by crossing over the bottom arm with the top arm.

Top tip - Point the golf club's butt end towards where the golf ball started at set up at the half way position in the follow through.