Golf How To Aim Straight Off The Tee 1

The number one most common error - the issue of incorrect alignment when aiming straight off the tee when hitting golf shots. This can cause so many errors as this leads to golfers attempting to compensate for bad aiming by changing golf swings when it may not be necessary.

Let’s say you unintentionally aim too far to the right of your intended target line. You continue to hit your golf shot very well, however the golf ball flies to the right of your target. Now you may not notice you aimed incorrectly and may make changes either intentionally or unintentionally. These changes can suddenly become bad habits that can become ingrained and are much harder to then change or get out of. You will notice how good players or tour players take a great deal of time when setting up to the golf ball and they always make sure they are aiming perfectly at their target.

Fix - Aiming at a target anywhere from 50 yards to 250 yards can be very difficult without this simple tip. The trick to this problem is to bring the target line much closer to you. Let us say you are aiming at a marker 150 yards away. Before you set up to the golf ball, take a few steps back behind the golf ball so that you are looking at the target. Then position yourself so that you are standing directly in line with the golf ball and the intended target. From that point, pick a target point that is in line with the target about three to six feet in front of the golf ball. Now this can be anything from an old divot, broken tee peg, different shade of grass or leaf, as long as you feel that point will not change. When you are confident that the point you have picked lines up to the target, begin to take your address position. Make sure before you take your stance that you aim your golf club face behind the golf ball at right angles to the target point three to six feet in front of the golf ball. Look over that point and make sure you then look at your target so that you have a clear idea of where it is. From that point, take your stance and posture, being aware that you aim to align your stance and feet parallel to the ball to target line. This is a key component for successful alignment.

Top tip - Take your stance from a feet together position, with your feet as close to parallel as possible. From this point take your stance shoulder width apart and still parallel to your target line.