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Chipping is such an important part of the golf game as it can really help you recover from a poor iron shot into the green.

Recovering around the green can be vital to keeping your golf score low and prevent the score racking up over silly mistakes.

Having the ability to get the ball back on to the green and give you the best possible chance to convert the putt really does help. That is what separates the top players from the amateurs. It is important to practice effectively to gain the most out of your practice time and also this helps you make the biggest improvement. It is very important when practicing to have an aim and a target for the practice session. Otherwise a practice session can easily become pointless and non beneficial. This chipping practice tip is designed to help you make your practice much more game based with achievable goals to aim for.

Many times you may see a golfer practicing their chipping at the side of the practice green. They tip out the practice balls in a big pile from just off the green and start to take aim at a few targets. After a dozen shots or so, the golfer becomes bored so they take out their most lofted club trying to loft the golf balls miles into the sky and land it on the green with no real purpose or goal. This type of 'practice' happens all the time and does not actually make the golfer any better at chipping than before.

Structuring a practice session is vital so that you maximize the learning and skills from the practice session. Whether you are practicing your putting, chipping, irons, bunkers, driving or course practice, it must be structured, goal driven and fun.

Chipping Practice Challenge:

Par 18 or Par 36 - When you are on the practice putting green or chipping green, take one ball, a few wedges and a putter. Briefly outline in your mind nine potential starting positions off the green so that you can chip on to the green. Take yourself to starting point one and pick a flag or hole on the green that you are going to chip to. Proceed to choose the preferred club for that shot and take the shot with the aim to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. Take your putter and proceed to finish the hole in as little amount of shots as possible. Keep a note of your score and proceed to hole number 2.

Carry on until all nine holes have been completed. Add up your score with the intention of getting as close to 18 shots as you can. Record your score and attempt to beat it the next time you practice par 18. If you want to make it slightly harder play 18 holes with the target score being 36.

Top tip - When outlining the course, plan to play three easy holes, three medium difficulty holes and three difficult locations. This will prepare you for when you are out on the golf course.