Start Holing More Golf Putts Now 1

The secret to holing more putts comes down to what you do before you actually hit the putt.

The pre-shot routine and the preparation before the shot can dramatically improve your chances to hole more putts. Many times a golfer will underestimate how important the preparation beforehand is and how much is involved before the shots that can help you hole more. Many golfers rush the preparation and this can have terrible effects on the outcome of the shot. This tip has been designed to include everything you need for a successful pre-shot routine. The best pre-shot routines include confidence building, aim, visualization, judging the speed and the slope.

Pre-shot routine - Before the shot, make sure you are ready for the shot in hand by firstly judging what speed you plan to hit the putt at. Do you hit it firm and hard or drop the golf ball dead weight into the front of the cup? From this point, you can start to read and judge the contour of the greens. The reason why we work out the speed first is simply that the speed has a huge influence on how much the putt will break. If the ball is travelling fast, the ball will not break as much as if it was travelling at a slower speed. Once you have determined the break and have picked a point where you want the ball to start, it is then very important that you stick to your decision without doubt or hesitation.

Practice behind the golf ball - The best place to practice is directly behind the line of the putt about four feet behind the ball. This way you are practicing the line of the putt and practicing slightly behind helps with making sure the ball goes past the hole.

Visualization and confidence building - When you are practicing behind the golf ball, visualize the golf ball in front of you as if it is rolling towards the hole, taking on the break and slope then going straight into the middle of the hole. This is a great way of building confidence ahead of the shot you are about to play.

Execution - Once you have confidently judged the slope and speed of the putt, you have practiced the stroke and visualized the golf ball going into the hole to build confidence, and you are now ready to execute. Aim to pull the trigger of the shot as soon after the last practice stroke as you can. When setting up to the ball, keep reminding yourself of the last visualization of the golf ball going straight into the middle. This will fill you with one last boost of confidence ready for the shot.

Top tip - Do not hesitate over the golf ball. Look at the hole, look back at the golf ball and then pull the trigger instantly for the best results.