Between Clubs: Best 3 Ways to Handle This Tricky Position

Let's have a discussion on how you can handle the tricky position of being between clubs on an approach shot, we wanted to offer up a few thoughts. Those thoughts are listed below.

  • Use the shorter club to play short. Okay, so this might be an obvious point, but it needs to be made here anyway. If you decide that your ideal target is going to be short of the hole itself, and the yardage to the hole is what has you between clubs, go ahead and use the shorter club while making a normal swing. Yes, you will come up short nearly every time, but that’s okay. You’ve determined in advance that it’s okay to leave the ball short of the hole, so accept that outcome and do your best to make a good swing. It will be tempting in this situation to make a hard swing in the hopes of getting all the way to the hole, but you need to resist that urge. If you do go with the shorter club, just make your usual swing and focus on clean contact.
  • Commit to your choice. No matter what kind of shot you decide to hit, it is important that you dedicate yourself to that shot 100% before making a swing. It is easy to second guess yourself in this situation, but you can’t let your doubts get in the way of executing properly. Go through the decision-making process before you walk up to the ball to take your stance. Once you are over the ball, don’t allow yourself any second thoughts – just focus all of your attention on making the best possible swing.
  • Take your opportunities. When you do find yourself with an approach shot that offers a perfect yardage, don’t miss that chance to hit a great shot. You won’t have too many shots during the course of a round where the yardage lines up just perfectly for one of your clubs, so do your best to capitalize on the opportunity. Knowing that you have the right club in your hands for the distance you are facing, pick a smart target line and let your golf swing do the rest. If you can take full advantage when you draw a perfect yardage, it will be easier to remain patient on those holes where the yardage doesn’t work out in your favor.

It’s never fun to be between clubs for an approach shot, but it is part of the game. Golfers who are adept at dealing with this situation are going to be better off than those who don’t have a plan in mind. Take some time during an upcoming practice session to work on the physical adjustments needed to take distance off of your approach shots, when necessary. Then, when out on the course, make smart decisions and trust in those decisions completely. We hope this article will help you navigate awkward yardages with ease. Good luck!