Golf Accessories: Best Apps for Your SmartphoneRemember when a cell phone was just a cell phone? The idea that a mobile phone could aid your golf game was unthinkable not so long ago.

Today there are hundreds of golf-specific applications (“apps”) available for smartphones. These apps run the gamut from simple reference guides, like the Rules of Golf, to complex programs used to record and analyze your swing.

Many apps are free while some cost only a few dollars; even the more expensive downloads are a lot cheaper than similar products sold as stand-alone devices (like hand-held GPS units).

Whether you carry an iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone, you can find an app to meet some golf-related need. Here’s a small handful of examples:

  • GPS: A highly popular category, these apps boast similar features to GPS-only devices: precise measurements to hazards and greens, high-definition hole graphics, scorekeeping functions and more.


  • Swing recording/analysis: Your phone’s built-in camera can be used to record your swing from any angle you choose. Some apps allow you to draw lines marking key setup and swing positions, view your swing in slow motion or frame by frame, even compare yourself side by side with professional golfers. You can also submit swing video to teaching pros for their feedback.


  • Scorekeeping, handicap and statistic tracking: Input your scores and stats (fairways hit, number of putts etc.) or update your handicap for safe keeping, right in your phone. 


  • Course databases: On the road and looking for a place to play? Several apps offer names, directions and key details about thousands of golf courses, worldwide.


  • Golf bets: If you like to engage in a little friendly on-course wagering — with a Nassau, skins game or side bets like “greenies” — there are apps to simplify staying on top of it all. These apps can save time and quickly settle any post-round disputes.

That’s just a small sampling – search online for golf apps for your smartphone and you’ll be amazed by what these gadgets can do.

In today's digital age, there are several golf apps available for smartphones that can enhance your golfing experience, help you track your progress, and provide valuable insights to improve your game. Here are some of the best golf apps for your smartphone:

  1. Golf GPS & Scorecard Apps:
    • Golfshot: Offers accurate GPS distances, detailed course maps, and a digital scorecard for easy score tracking.
    • Hole19: Provides GPS distances, flyover views of holes, and a simple scorecard feature for tracking your rounds.
  2. Swing Analysis Apps:
    • V1 Golf: Allows you to capture and analyze your golf swings using your phone's camera and provides tools for improvement.
    • Hudl Technique Golf: Offers slow-motion video analysis and side-by-side comparisons to fine-tune your swing.
  3. Golf Rangefinder Apps:
    • GolfLogix: Combines GPS and rangefinder capabilities to provide accurate distances to various points on the course.
    • SwingU: Offers a rangefinder, scorecard, and shot tracking features in one app.
  4. Golf Instruction Apps:
    • Golf Digest Schools: Provides instructional videos and tips from top golf instructors to help improve your skills.
    • Me and My Golf: Offers personalized golf instruction based on your skill level and specific needs.
  5. Golf Game Improvement Apps:
    • Golf GameBook: Allows you to track your stats, compete with friends, and join virtual golf competitions.
    • GolfMetrics: Provides detailed performance analytics and insights to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Golf Social Apps:
    • 18Birdies: Combines GPS, scorecard, and a golf social network to connect with other golfers and share experiences.
    • TheGrint: Offers a golf handicap tracker, live leaderboards, and social features to connect with golf buddies.
  7. Golf Rules & Reference Apps:
    • USGA Rules of Golf: Provides the official rules of golf with illustrations and explanations for various situations.
    • Golf Rules Quick Reference: Offers a simplified version of the rules of golf for easy reference during play.
  8. Golf Fitness Apps:
    • Golf Fitness: Provides golf-specific workouts and exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and balance for your swing.
    • Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau: Offers a comprehensive golf fitness program to enhance your physical abilities on the course.

Remember to check the compatibility and availability of these apps for your specific smartphone model and operating system. These apps can be valuable tools to enhance your golf experience, track your progress, and provide valuable insights to help you improve your game.


Q1: What are the best golf GPS apps for smartphones? A1: Some of the best golf GPS apps for smartphones include Golfshot, Hole19, GolfLogix, and SwingU.

Q2: Are there any apps that offer swing analysis features? A2: Yes, apps like V1 Golf and Hudl Technique Golf provide swing analysis features using your smartphone's camera.

Q3: Which apps offer a combination of GPS and rangefinder capabilities? A3: GolfLogix and SwingU are examples of apps that offer both GPS and rangefinder capabilities.

Q4: Are there any golf instruction apps available? A4: Yes, apps like Golf Digest Schools and Me and My Golf provide instructional videos and tips from golf instructors.

Q5: What apps are best for tracking golf stats and improvement? A5: Golf GameBook and GolfMetrics are excellent apps for tracking golf stats and identifying areas for improvement.

Q6: Can I find social golf apps to connect with other golfers? A6: Yes, apps like 18Birdies and TheGrint offer social features to connect with other golfers and share experiences.

Q7: Are there any apps that provide a quick reference to golf rules? A7: The USGA Rules of Golf and Golf Rules Quick Reference apps offer quick access to golf rules and explanations.

Q8: Are there golf fitness apps available? A8: Yes, Golf Fitness and Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau are golf fitness apps offering workout programs for golfers.

Q9: Which apps provide live leaderboards and virtual golf competitions? A9: Golf GameBook and 18Birdies offer live leaderboards and virtual golf competitions.

Q10: Are there any apps that cater to specific golf courses or regions? A10: Some golf GPS apps like Golfshot and Hole19 offer extensive course databases, covering many courses worldwide.

Q11: Do these apps require an internet connection to function? A11: Most golf GPS apps require an internet connection to download course data and provide real-time updates. However, some apps offer offline functionality after course data is downloaded.

Q12: Can I use these apps on both Android and iOS devices? A12: Yes, many golf apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, but it's essential to check the app store for compatibility with your specific device.

Q13: Are these apps free to download, or do they require a subscription? A13: Many golf apps offer basic features for free, but some advanced features or premium content may require a subscription or one-time purchase.

Q14: How often are these apps updated with new features or improvements? A14: Golf apps are regularly updated to improve performance, add new features, and update course databases. Check the app's update history to see how frequently updates are released.

Q15: Can I sync data from these apps with other devices or platforms? A15: Some golf apps offer data syncing across multiple devices or platforms, allowing you to access your stats and progress from different devices. Check the app's features to see if this is supported.