golf shoes

    You can buy the best looking, lightest, most technologically advanced golf shoes on the market, but if they don’t fit properly you’ve just wasted your money. Probably lots of it.

    Even if you ride a cart, you’ll walk at least a couple of miles during an average round. Eschew the chariot and you’re talking upwards of 5-7 miles on foot. In other words, the golf course is no place for ill-fitting shoes.

    Pay special attention to these details when trying on golf shoes:

  • Lacing: There should be about 5/8” between the top eyelets with your shoes tied. More space means the shoes are too narrow; less space and they’re probably too wide.
  • Forefoot appearance: The part of the shoe between the toe and laces should be smooth, not bunched up or rippled, when tied. The rippled look means there’s excess room inside the shoe.
  • Secure heel and forefoot: Walk around and note if your heel and forefoot slip or slide. If so, you’ll lack stability when swinging and risk getting blisters.
  • Snug mid-foot feel: You don’t want a super-tight fit, but golf shoes need to be snug enough to prevent movement during your swing.
  • Room around the toes: If you can’t wiggle your toes, the shoes are too small. A good rule of thumb: There should be about a half inch between the tip of your big toe and the end of the shoe.