Aggressive Route Over Hazards Going for It!

In this article, we are going to assume that you have decided to go ahead and attempt to hit the ball over the hazard in the fairway. Let’s talk about what you will need to do to be successful when you take the aggressive route.

The list of points below should help you come away with a satisfactory outcome on these kinds of tee shots.

  • Take it easy. You are going to be tempted to swing as hard as you can on these kinds of shots. Knowing that you need to get as much carry distance as possible on the shot in order to land safely on the other side, you may wind up swinging ‘out of your shoes’. Don’t make this mistake. There is no need to make an extra-aggressive swing, as doing so is only going to lead to problems. The better plan is to make your normal swing, remaining in a comfortable rhythm from start to finish. You are much more likely to make good contact when you maintain a good tempo, and solid contact is essential if you are going to carry the hazard. If you still think that you need to swing as hard as possible to get over the hazard, you may have made the wrong decision in terms of strategy. Rather than expecting yourself to hit the ball farther than normal to reach the other side, think about just laying up and playing it safe.
  • Use your trusted ball flight. As mentioned in the previous point, it is essential to make solid contact when trying to carry a hazard. With that in mind, it is a good idea to stick with your natural ball flight on these kinds of shots. For instance, if you are a player who likes to hit a draw off the tee, go with that shot if at all possible. Your natural shot is more likely to find the center of the club face, so you should be able to maximize your distance. If you were to go the other way and try to play the opposite of your natural shot, you would be adding yet another complicating factor to what is already a difficult shot.
  • Pick a specific target line. Rather than just aiming ‘over the hazard’ and swinging away, you can do better by picking out a very specific target line to use for the shot. Be just as specific with your target selection off the tee as you are with your approach shots. If possible, aim your tee shot at the closest point available to clear the hazard and land safely on the other side. Often, one side of the hazard will require less of a carry than the other, so evaluate this point and pick your target line accordingly. Not only will this plan help you aim for the shortest point across the hazard, but it will also help you make a focused and accurate swing.

The biggest key when trying to hit the ball over a hazard is staying within yourself and not making a wild swing. Many golfers fall into the trap of swinging too hard in these situations, and they make poor swings as a result. Take a couple deep breaths before you fire away, and make clean contact your top priority.