Control the Clubhead with Hinge Golf Drill

World-class golfers have an incredible feel for the clubhead’s position at every point during the swing.

This allows them to manipulate the club with minute movements, aiding their control and ability to create different shot shapes and trajectories.

While the big muscles – hips, torso, shoulders – control the overall flow of the swing, the small muscles of the hands and wrists play a key role in your ability to feel shots. Some players believe feel is innate, but it’s actually possible to develop and enhance through experience and practice.

This drill will improve your control of the clubhead while ingraining a correct release:

  • Using a short or mid-iron, address the ball with your feet only a few inches apart.
  • Instead of your normal takeaway, simply hinge the wrists until the clubhead reaches about waist height.
  • Unhinge the wrists to strike the ball, and follow through with the same cocking motion as the backswing.

It’s OK to move the arms slightly right on the backswing and left on the through-swing, but try not to swing the club’s grip past waist-high in either direction.

To go one step farther, place a tee into the top of the grip. If you’re making the correct motion, the tee should point directly at the ball as you finish the backswing, and at the same spot at the completion of the follow-through.