Fred Couples

Fred Couples is the king of cool. In fact, “Boom-Boom” displays such a sleepy demeanor and tempo, he appears ready to doze off any second. Couples is so relaxed, he’s been known to let go of the club with his right hand when hitting chips and pitch shots.

let go with the right hand 2

This has nothing to do with attitude, however, and everything to do with technique. Hey, Freddie didn’t become one of the world’s best golfers without some serious skills.

By letting his right hand drop away as the club passes through impact, Couples prevents a jabbing motion that would send the ball scuttling past the pin. He’s literally taking his right hand out of the shot. You may have seen Tiger Woods do the same when faced with a delicate chip from greenside rough.

If you tend to chop down on short shots – especially downhillers which require a deft touch – try practicing Couples’ method. Keep your grip pressure light and let your right hand fall away at the moment of contact. If you like the results, don’t be afraid to use it on the course. Freddie sure isn’t.