It is very important when practicing to have an aim and a target for the practice session, otherwise a practice session can easily become pointless and non beneficial.

Best Ways To Practice Golf Chipping 1

This chipping practice tip is designed to help you make your practice much more game based with achievable goals to aim for.

Many times you may see a golfer practicing their chipping at the side of the practice green. They tip out the practice balls in a big pile from just off the green and start to take aim at a few targets. After a dozen shots or so, the golfer becomes bored so they take out the most lofted club trying to loft the golf balls miles into the sky and land it on the green with no real purpose or goal. This type of 'practice' happens all the time and does not actually make the golfer get any better at chipping than before. Structuring a practice session is vital so that you maximize the learning and skills from the practice session. Whether you are practicing your putting, chipping, irons, bunkers, driving or course practice, it must be structured, goal driven and fun.

Chipping challenge:

On the practice chipping area, pick a starting point from anywhere around the green. Choose which flag you will be aiming for from that point. Place 10 golf balls down and with the best club for the job aim to chip every shot as close as you possibly can as if you needed to get up and down. Use this scoring chart to create a structured and goal driven practice session.

  • 5 Points for a golf ball that finishes in the hole
  • 4 points for a golf ball that finishes inside one club length
  • 3 points for a golf ball that finishes inside two club lengths
  • 2 points for a golf ball that finishes inside three club lengths
  • 1 point for a golf ball that finishes inside four club lengths
  • 0 points for a golf ball that finishes outside four club lengths.

Always then record your total score in a golf notepad out of 50.

Target scores:

  • Golf professional target score – over 40 points
  • Scratch to 5 handicap target score – over 35 points
  • 6 handicap to 10 handicap target score – over 30 points
  • 10 handicap to 18 handicap target score – over 25 points
  • 19 handicap to 28 handicap target score – over 20 points.

Continue this challenge from different starting positions to different flags, trying to beat your previous best score.

Top tip – Use different lofts of golf clubs to determine which club you score the best points with, compared to some other club options.