golf shoes

    Some folks insist that golfers aren’t real athletes. Apparently, nobody told golf shoe manufacturers.

    Golf shoes have come light years since the no-so-distant days of thick, heavy soles and cumbersome tassels. In fact, some golf shoes could pass for everyday sneakers in both style and features.

    Nowhere is comfort more important than on your feet, especially if you often walk when playing. Of course, traction and stability are crucial, too; fortunately, any golf shoe from a major brand should provide the grip you need.

    Put the following features and benefits on your checklist when shopping for golf shoes:

  • Lightweight, flexible construction: Synthetic or fabric-based shoes are often very light, but there are featherweight leather models, too. It’s wise to try on shoes before buying to test flexibility and support.
  • Waterproof materials: It’s easy to get your feet wet on the golf course, so make sure your shoes come with at least a one-year waterproof warranty. Note: Don’t confuse water-resistant with waterproof. Waterproof shoes are impermeable regardless of how much moisture they take on; water-resistant surfaces eventually give way if they get wet enough.
  • Moisture wicking: Everyone’s feet sweat, so find a pair with interior lining that pulls moisture off the feet. Best are shoes with built-in sockliners.