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Moe Norman maybe a name that you are not familiar with from watching golf from the PGA Tour but if you ask teaching professionals, they will have heard of Moe Norman, almost as if mythical legendary guy, he used to, one of the best ball strikers that anybody had ever seen. And I think one of the most interesting fact is that nobody could quite understand the workout, how he was able to do what he did and nobody else was able to copy or emulate his success with this technique.

He had an incredibly wide stands to the golf ball. He always seemed to position the golf club in the address position, about a foot behind here. He had a very straight left arm straight through the shaft but not straight through from this angle but also straight through from this angle, a very much of a one plane technique. So as you setup to the golf ball here straight arm on the right back straighter but incredible ball striking, just rip the ball for full down the fairways. And then from this angle, high left wrist and a straight line here, pointing straight through the middle of his spine, turned it back on plane, straight back down on the single plane line there was no hinge through the hands and the arms as we would always encourage with the modern day teaching, very much of a straight line back and through. Very, very quirky golfing, not something you should have a cover but it’s not something that you should have a copy, should I say, but it’s worth, covering just in this section just to understand how different techniques can work for different people but very peculiar technique, very peculiar guy by all accounts, but clearly one of the best ball strikers but not one to copy I am afraid.