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A fantastic exercise which will allow you to engage many of the muscles needed to hit a successful golf shot is a back lunge with tilt. Now this is an exercise which requires a high level of balance and a high level of coordination. However if you can get it right it will work upper parts of the body, the sides of the body, the hips, the sides of the hips, the legs, the glutes, it will work so much of your body which you need to hit successful shots. However, just take a little bit of practice. Now basically what you need to do, you can obviously swap legs as you kind of go forward here. But get yourself set up with one leg in front of the other; now I’m going to put my left leg forward here, I’m going to keep my right leg nice and straight. Now the original lunge position where the left leg moves forward and the right knee dips down, that remains the same, so left leg forward, right down but what you actually add in this is a side twist and a side dip.

So as you go back – well as you go forward, the right arm comes up over the top of the head and you just want to be trying to get the left hand to touch the floor. So it’s the lunge and that’s the side tilt in there. So all in one motion the left leg goes forward, we dip down; right hand comes up, left hand down. So its there we go there, once more, there and you can really start to feel this across the top of the right leg, the stretch up here I can feel it along the side of my body as well, and once more there, there with the tilt. And then obviously you can swap over and do that on the opposite leg as well. It’s a great exercise to use, but like I said it does take a level of coordination. But give it a go, work it into your routine, and it will add an extra dimension to your stretching and your exercise.