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Video Transcript

Exercises that promote strength in the lower half; core stability and the balance are going to be absolutely crucial if you want to hit the ball a long way. Now using exercises with medicine balls are fantastic ways of engaging multiple parts of the body, and actually building strength where you need to. Now this reaching Romanian dead lift is a great way to engage lower half strength, lower half stability and the quads, the gluts, the hamstrings and the calves, pretty much everything down the leg also into the hips, and the balance at the same time. There are variations of this drill which I’m going to show you now, which will also help improve arm strength as well. Now the reaching Romanian dead lift, is – just requires a medicine ball first of all to be clutched into the chest, getting onto one leg, so I’m going to start with my right leg here. Put it in a slight bend, so it’s not that straight, tilting forwards from the hips whilst extending the left leg straight back.

Now if you can do these movements and incorporate a stretch forward with the medicine ball, it’s going to engage balance, it’s going to engage all the muscles that you need. And it’s certainly going to put you on good stead for when you come to hit shots. So on that right leg, that slight bend, tilting from the hips, stretching and extending before bringing it back. Switching over to the left leg, same thing that slight bend, tilting from the hips, stretching forwards and extending back. Now don’t just do one leg at a time, switch in between the two. And if you can get this exercise narrowed down, it’s going to encourage such great strength in the lower half, the hips but also the arms as you extend in the medicine ball forwards. So try and incorporate this drill, try and incorporate this exercise into your routines, and it will build up so much of the strength that you actually need.