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If we now look at 2011 Open Champion Darren Clarke and look at his swing, see how we can learn necessary principles from his swing.

Now Clarke is a big guy he is not the most fit and athletic guy, not necessarily wants to be looking at Rory McIlroy swing and try and copy a young energetic 20 year old golf swing, you want to be looking at one of the bigger guys and then how can I copy that.

Now Clarke has a fantastic major connection in his swing, his chest, his hips, his shoulders will all work very nicely together through the swing. He is not driving his legs one way and getting his head stuck behind the ball and flicking it back with his hands. He doesn’t have the physic or the body shape to do that, but a fantastically compact connected golf swing. He allows his head to stay behind the ball in the back swing but then move quiet nicely laterally in forward through to impact. He doesn’t keep his head behind the ball like everyone has always been told to do, let’s chest and his head turn it through nicely. He has quite a straight hit, quite a low hitter of the golf ball as well because this impact position with everything going forwards together run and staying back encourages hands to get in front of the golf ball.

So if you are a big guy and you got a little bit of shape too and you need to drive into the golf ball with one connected unit rather than having the flexibility to get the Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods type of golf swing Darren Clarke is a really good role model for you. Watch him play, maybe go back and look at the Open from 2011 when he played really beautifully in the wind, copy the moves that he has in his golf swing and that should help you improve as well.