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Snapping the left knee during the downswing to create that maximum amount of power can also be referred to as planking outputs or making the left leg straight as you hit. When you think about a plank of wood you think about the straightness of it, you think about the solidness and the rigidity of that plank of wood and actually visualizing that and getting that feeling can really help transfer those thoughts into an actual swing process.

Now there is also ways that you can visualize it, there is also a way you can think about it. The easiest way is to use an alignment stick and it's very, very simple to drill this. Get yourselves settled by the side of the ball with the club that you're going to be using and then just pop the alignment stick down, pretty much opposite to your left heel at only a couple of inches outside just so it's pointing straight up in the air.

Now the whole point of this drill is to swing through the top, no we will not try and do anything too crazy, but as you move down through the ball the focus on the alignment stick, feel where it is, just keep it in the corner of your eye and as you hit try and mimic and try and matchup your left leg to the alignment stick. Now the way I position the alignment stick is just outside my left heel. Now what I want to be doing is moving my hip towards it; so that I can get in that correct downswing sequence, moving my left hip towards it, extending that left leg upwards and then mirroring that same position there.

It's a good way to visualize it, it's a good way to feel it and it's a good way to actually make it happen within the downswing. So, I'm going to shift it to the side. Clip one away for you guys, into that down into that left heel position and it sets up and then just keeping it in the corner of your eye and planking up as you hit. And as you hold your finish position, if you want to look down and just check to the left leg position where the alignment stick are aligned up then you’ll perform that drill successfully.