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Although working the core muscles will generally add a lot more power, a lot more quickly to a golfing technique, having a balanced approach to your golf fitness will allow the body to operate in a much more efficient manner because having fantastic core strength, having great leg strength will be out of balance if the upper body isn’t strong as well. Now working the chest muscles and working the arm muscles is a key ingredient to having this overall overarching golf fitness regime in this golf fitness plan. Now using the medicine ball to actually use a slightly alternative way to do the push up which engages the chest will really identify strengths within your chest and really get you a lot stronger a lot more quickly. Now this particular drill, this particular exercise is very hard to do. So if you don’t quite manage it to begin with that is absolutely fine. Rather than having, the hands to the opposite sides of the actual ball here like it is and doing a stand up press up, we are going to be having both arms, both hands resting on top of the medicine book.

Now what this means is it is not a stable base and this ball will want to move around so the arms are going to be working very hard to stabilize and then the chest is going to be working very hard to push you up and down. Now other than this, this ball is going to be banged down in front of the sternum. Now if you stand in front of the sternum that means your head is going to be over the top of the ball. So get into this position with the hands resting down you’ll be able to see how hard my arms are working and probably how hard I’m working with my voice as I go through this. But getting down into a position where the chest is on top of the ball, the arms are nice and extended, legs nice and extended and pressing down, extending the arms outwards, down just so the chest doesn’t quite touch the ball. Extending outwards again, down and then again. Now this is an alternative way to do a press up. It engages the same muscles and the arms and the chest but it adds in the advantage if your arms are actually feeling for stability, feeling for balance and this works them even harder. But this is all about having an overall overarching approach to golf fitness not just working on the core and the leg muscles but also working on the upper body muscles as well to add that balance and hit much better shots.