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Video Transcript

One of the most important muscle groups to work when you’re looking to increase your power is the abdominals. Now they form a large part of the core muscle group and actually holding those muscles tight, holding them firm at address, at posture and during impact will really start to increase the overall power you can generate through impact. Now working on the abdominal muscles there’s a lot of different exercises you can use. There’s a great one you can use using the abdominal ball with the raised leg seesaw. Now it just involves very simply, lying down on your back, using a weighted medicine ball, holding it out in front of you with straight arms over your hips.

Now with the legs nice and straight you want to be raising them until the legs touch the medicine ball. Now what this does, it really engages the core muscles, it engages the stomach and it engages them in a way, which is going to add lots of strength. So adjust into that and then down. Now to add this up a notch if you wanted to do both so raise them up, and add a bit of a crunch in, so raise the actual head off the floor as well, that will engage those muscles even more and work them even harder. So there with the medicine ball extend upwards until they touch. And if you want to engage it even more, you lift your chest and your head off the floor that will really start to engage those muscles even more. So it’s a great way to actively engage these abdominals, make them stronger, make them firmer and then make them more stable through impact.