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Now one of the key drives of power during the golf swing, are the quad muscles of the front of the legs, because as you swing through the ball, you’re powering downwards into the ground, before exploding outwards with the legs and the hips. Now as you explode outwards, with those legs really straight, and the quads are going to really start to drive the power, as well as the gluts at the back. So what you need to be doing is finding exercises that can really identify and really engage these muscles. Now a single leg squat using a medicine ball is very difficult to do to begin with. But if you can get it right it will really start to engage all the muscles that you need. Now we need is a medicine ball. There are lots of different variations of this, but this is probably the simplest and the easiest to do, is actually clutching the medicine ball to the chest, standing up on one leg, with the opposite leg out behind, and then slowly moving down into a squat position, before moving back up.

Now normally with the squat you want to kind of be – well normally with this you can actually get the left leg in front and move down in the opposite direction. And that’s actually a very difficult and a very technically demanding movement to make. And you certainly better using a very light medicine ball for that. So to begin with, clutched into the chest, bend the right knee down, left leg back and bring it back up. [Inaudible] [0:01:33] onto the other leg as well. You kind of raise this up; don’t just do one leg at a time, actually switching between the right and the leg. Now that’s really going to engage the actual leg muscles and as you come through the ball at impact, that actual explosion of power that you’re going to feel from after doing this exercise, will really start to propel that ball a long, long way. So if you can build this exercise into your routine, it will allow you to get so much more power through the actual shot.