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Video Transcript

When hitting golf balls the amount of power you have when rotating the core will play a big part in how far you can actually hit the shot. Now using exercises which actively turn the core and rotate the body are fantastic ways to improve the strength and improve the power that you have. Now a great exercise to use is a Russian twist using an exercise ball. All you are going to need is a weight nothing massively heavy to begin with, only something relatively light, and then an exercise ball. Getting yourself in a position, where your body and your legs are nice and straight, legs kind of bent and keeping the body stable, try not to let your stomach dip, try and keep it nice and high during this.

Hold the actual dumbbell above the head, arms nice and straight before twisting to the side and then back, to the side and then back. Now what this is going to do by keeping the hips relatively up, it’s going to engage the core muscles, by turning to the side, it’s going to engage the side of the stomach and the stomach even more and the lower back as well. So up above the head, hips nice and high, twist side, twist side and then back up. Now you can increase the weight that you are actually using, you can increase the amount of reps that you are actually doing as well with the more and more, of these you do, the more rotational power, the more rotational strength you are likely to see when you are hitting shots.