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If you can swing with a balanced technique, it means that every single part of your body is working in harmony with the other. You’ll see often when you play with people and even maybe when you play yourself when you’re swinging through the ball and you finish and you’re slightly off balance leaning left, leaning right, leaning backwards, leaning forwards rather than just being in a position where you’re up on your left side facing the target in a nice balanced position. Now working on balance is part of your golf routine, your golf workout, is very, very important. And there’s a very simple way that you can test out and see where your balance points are and to really hone your balance. Now a leg extension balance drill is very, very simple; its about getting into one of your legs; so it starts off with the left leg, keeping the right leg bent to begin with, moving it behind, so you’re actually extending the leg backwards not straight but keeping a bit of flex in the knee but extending it backwards and then whilst keeping the hands down by side don’t let them kind of move off and balance yourself, actually move the right leg outwards into that position there.

Now switch over onto the left side is out at the same back and then through and extend that left leg outwards. Now what this will identify, it will identify you have the strength to actually straighten your leg and it will give you the identification if there’s a weakness; because on your left side here when you’re stretching it out if you’re leg it becomes bent or you become a little bit unbalanced it will show that on your right side or your left side for that matter is slightly out of sync with the other and that needs a little bit more work, a little bit more training. But incorporate this within your golf workout routine and it will help you hone your balance a lot, lot better.