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Using exercises which engage important muscles, whilst also promoting balance, are fantastic ways to improve your overall golf strength and overall golf technique. Now a single arm, single leg dead lift really does that because it focuses on the muscles within the leg and the back side but also within the arm and the back as well, it really is a fantastic all round exercise to use. Now all you need is a dumbbell depending on your fitness level at the moment, depending on what weight it is, but all you need to have is a dumbbell, you need to get yourself focused onto one leg nice and balanced. Now I've got my dumbbell here in my right hand and I'm raising my right leg off the ground. Now what I need to do is stretch the right leg backwards, so its extending straight up behind me, and at the same time dipping down, trying to get that dumbbell towards the floor.

And then moving back up and trying to maintain that balance position. So out in front, leg goes behind, dip down, straight and touch and then bring it back up and it really starts to engage the muscles on the left leg, and it also starts to engage the muscles on the arm as well. When you switch that round over to the opposite leg you want to be doing this obviously in balance as well. This is a fantastic exercise to use and to incorporate into your overall golf fitness routine, it certainly adds a lot and will certainly add strength as you’re swinging.