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Building up a solid foundation, moving that takeaway, getting up to the top and then starting into this downswing we offset ourselves up from the beginning to hit a powerful golf shot. However the job of the lower half is not yet done. In fact it's probably in its most crucial stage. During the backswing you use the lower half for stability. You use it for the ability just to rotate a little bit more. As you are going through the point of impact, your hips are going to be moving at the fastest point that they have throughout the entire technique. That's because you're drawing all the power and all the energy upwards from the ground. And you're transferring it upwards along the chain to the golf club which is going to come through the ball at the last moment. So what do you want to be seeing, what do you want to be seeing as you start it to move that away left from the top of the swing, you start it to transfer towards the target, what your hips need to be doing at this point. For most people you want the hips to still be traveling off to the left hand side.

But now you want to see those hips start to rotate towards your target. It's that movement of the weight left is that rotation of the hips through that will allow the club to be dragged behind and for you to hit those consistent goal shots. Now there are a number of different ways to get this feeling. There is a number of different drills that you can use. But making sure that you move away left, and then you should straighten up the left leg is a very good way of doing this. So from the top of the swing, we've kept that right knee flexed. We’ve kept that hip rotating and nice and solid. Those hips start to move left. Then they start to rotate. And if you focus on getting that left leg through the ball straightening up you can see here that it's pulled the left hip around and it’s rotated the hips very, very quickly. It's a good way to start linking the downswing transition moving through and rotating the hips by straightening one part of the body. So getting set up we're already know all about this to the top of the swing. We're going to move through and then straighten up that left leg as you hit. And it just clears that whole left side out of the way and allows the body to turn it through with a lot more power.