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Video Transcript

How can I ensure that my long chip shorts reach the green? Main reason that your chip shots are falling short would be that you’re decelerating through the shots. And with that what you’ll see is that as you swing back, you’re swinging the club back further than you’re allowing the club head to follow through. So to ensure that you’re getting a more distance, some more run on the shot, the shot is getting all the way up to the hole rather than falling short, you’ve got to make sure that however far you swing the club head to the right of the ball if you’re a right handed golfer that distance away from the ball to the maximum extent of the back swing, is exactly the same distance or even a little bit more on the left hand side that you get follow through. So from the ball in some maximum extent of the follow through, we need to see a bigger length between the ball and the club head on the left of it than we do on the back swing side.

So here is a good drill to ensure that you are getting into that follow through position, I’ve just put two alignment poles onto the floor, you could just use your clubs. It doesn’t matter the distance you set them apart, but if we are looking to play a longer shot, you’d want to have them a little bit further, away from the ball, a shorter shot you just bring them closer in. I’ve set the ball directly in the middle of these two alignment poles. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to setup to play a chip, so my feet just narrower than usual, so it helps with my balance, I’m going to hold down the club on the handle because it will give me aided control over the club head.

And then I’m just setting the shaft, so it’s leaning forward, so I’m creating a straight line from my left arm and the club. And that’s really going to help me hit a nice long chip, I’ve just pulled my left foot back about four inches, so that my hips are turned, and I’m going to turn through the shot as I hit. So my hips are turned to the target at address and I’m slightly leaning on my left side. Now what I’m working on here is taking this straight line of my left arm and the club, away from the ball, to get the club head over the alignment pole on the right hand side, but the key to this is then striking the ball and making sure that I turn my hips and the club head finishes beyond the pole on the left hand side. That’s going to ensure I’m accelerating through the shots and now my chip is going reach the hole rather than full shot, so I’m going to go just to the alignment pole on the right but then turn through the shots and really make sure that the club head extends beyond to the pole on the left. I’m now accelerating through the shots, I’ll be hitting a much better chip and the ball won’t be falling short on long chips.