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How can a pause drill at the top of my golf backswing help improve my golf downswing? Now it’s not something that you often see with the very best players as they get to the top of the swing everything comes to a stop. However, if you were to slow down most professionals’ golf swings to a tiny, tiny fraction so they’re hardly moving at all, when they actually reach the top of their golf swing, you would see everything grind to a stop just for a fraction of a second and then the downswing begins. If it was in very, very slow motion to the naked eye it’s hardly perceptible at all. However, a pause drill can help work wonders for your downswing. If you can swing to the top and you can pause, you can certainly feel like you know what has to move in the downswing. Now namely; that’s a little bit of bump of the hips towards the target and a rotation of the hips towards the target as well. Often a lot of people get to the top of the backswing and then they try and rush the downswing; things are thrown out of sequence and bad shot are a result. So if you can use a pause drill just to stop at the top and then feel like the down swing begins, it can produce much more consistent shots. Now the way to do it, to really kind of exaggerate it to begin with is just use two balls but then use seconds to signify the ball so you could use three or four balls if you wanted to. But if it’s just a two ball drill with the first ball swing to the top, pause for two seconds then turn through and try and hit; and for the second ball pause for one second turn through try and hit. And if you’re to use a third ball, don’t pause at all and just swing through. But try and get the feeling that there’s a little bit of a stop at the top. Now for most people, a pause at the top feels so alien that a two second pause can feel like an absolute eternity. But give it a go, swing to the top, pause for two seconds, and then swing down and through. And then with the second ball, pause for one second feel that little bit of a bump and turn with the hips on the way down -- and it can really help produce very, very consistent golf shots. It’s not a drill which kind of works for everyone, but give it a go. If you can pause there, you can feel the downswing a lot better and you can hit very, very good golf shots.