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How can I make an online takeaway during my golf swing? Now the takeaway is the section of the swing where the club moves away from the ball and it’s the initial kind of quarter of the swing up until the club which is parallel with the ground. Now to get from the position here by the ball to this position here is a relatively simple movement to make. And the less moving parts there are, and the simple you can make it, the better. You don’t need to think and overcomplicate this part of the swing too much. However, there are some checkpoints that you can use to make sure that your takeaway is online and is in fantastic position.

The first thing you want to do is actually realize that all the lines that refer to in the takeaway is the target line. So the line which stretches from the ball to the target and back beyond the ball, this line here; not to correct an online takeaway it doesn’t mean actually holding the club along that line as that is not the natural path that the club wants to take. The natural path that the club wants to take is slightly on the inside rising it to this point where it’s now parallel with the club and the shaft on the ground.

So if you got yourself set up, nice solid posture, move the club away mostly keeping the arms and the shoulders and the shaft as one unit, and if you just turn the shoulders and rotate them around what you should find is that the club will rise slightly on the inside path into this position where when viewed from this down the line, the club is pretty much in front of the hands. And from there you can continue to turn and the club should fall back into a similar position at impact. So from the front we take the club away, keeping the arms and shoulders and the club as one unit, nice and low to the ground but allowing it to turn and rotate into this position. So you can practice that before you actually hit a shot and then try and build it in to the actual swing. So, to create an online takeaway go through those following points, and hopefully you will be able to hit some very consistent shots.