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Video Transcript

If you are looking to change your swing, one thing you need to understand is, can your swing be effective as it currently is? Now, one of the greatest things that many people ask is how to stop an over-the-top swing? An over-the-top swing is when the club moves outside the swing, ideal swing path over the target line before cutting across the body and moving left. Over-the-top cutting across yourself, swinging from out-to-in, all these can relate to the same type of swing.

So, that swing that comes over the top and then moves left very quickly as you hit. Now, the question is, can you use that swing effectively without having to go through the matters of changes that will be required to change swing path and to possibly alter swing plane as well. What you will see with a lot of golfers is that they don’t have the time to commit to practicing to change matters of things within their swing.

There are people who just play golf at the weekend and this video is really designed – and this video series is very much designed with that player in mind who may not have the time to make these ridiculously big changes, but how they can use their swing to the best of his ability as it currently is, because there is absolutely no doubt that over the top movement within the swing can be playable. It is just one of the many ways that is possible to play this fantastic game. So, stay tuned and let’s have a little bit of a talk through about how you can adapt to your over the top swing and help you play more successful golf, utilizing the very best bit of that type of swing.