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What does stuck behind mean on the golf down swing and how can I stop it? When people talk about getting stuck behind on the golf downswing, what they’re referring to is the club getting to the top of the backswing but then dropping very much behind the body on the way down. As the club drops behind the body and gets stuck behind the body on the way back down, it then becomes an action where the club has to come from a very much an inside path and the hands have to flick over very, very quickly through impact; and you tend to see people who get in this position hit very big draws, hit very big hooks; and often very big hooks off to the left-hand side of the target. Because the clubface has to close and has to rotate so quickly through the impact area, it’s actually very, very hard to hit consistent shots.

Now the easiest way to remedy this if you are getting to position and you are getting stuck in behind in this position here, is to actually get the feeling like the club is moving on the outside of the body on the way down. Now this is a position that a lot of people actually struggle with in the opposite direction; a lot of people who slice the ball get the club far too much out in front of them on the way down.

But if you are getting that club stuck behind, try and feel like the club is moving out in front; this position here as you’re coming into impact, the club is nice and parallel with the ground then it’s pointing straight down behind. If you get in this position, it’s a lot easy just to rotate and just to turn into the ball. So if you are struggling to getting that club stuck in behind, just feel like the club is moving more outside the body, more in front of the body on the way down. And if you get it correct and it does go slightly on the outside, you might see a little bit more of a fade, but hopefully, a few more straight shots as well.