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How can tell my golf swing is on plane at the top of my back swing, now an plane golf swing is something that a lot of golfers are searching for. Now to get it on plane at the top of the swing you need to go through the correct movements on the back swing as well. So, as we go through the actual swing what we kind of want to be finding first of all, is that the spine angle and the shaft of the club form pretty much a 90 degree angle now that’s going to be important as you actually reach the top of the swing.

So, once you form that angle the spine is tilted nice and straight, you want to be moving the club back until it reaches parallel with the ground and the club head is in front of the hands in this position, you move it up until the both handle of the club points down at the target line which is the correct shaft play, and then as you turn to the top of the swing, a couple of things should be in place.

First of all, the spine angle should be in the same tilted position and the left arm should be pretty much across the shoulder line. If you can get in that position and you can follow those positions during the back swing as well, you’re going to be on the plane at the top of that back swing. So once again, we are set up, we’re taking the club away so this first parallel position here shaft on the ground club at in front of the hands we move up until the bottom end of the club points down pretty reaching the target line, and from there, as long as the spine angle has been maintained, we can just rotate the shoulders, get the left arm across the shoulder line and from there, we just try and repeat those same positions through the ball.

No, it sounds simple when you say it like that but you have to practice these different positions in isolation. If one is slightly out then the rest of the technique can suffer. So to practice those shots and those swing positions in isolation try and make sure you get the back swing in that right order and then if you get that position at the top of the back swing, it will put you in a much better position just to fire through the ball. So, give it a go, get in sound position of the top and hopefully you’ll be able to hit a lot more of the consistent shots.