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How important is golf swing tempo and how can I improve it? Golf swing tempo is the actual tempo and rhythm that the club moves around the body. Now you will notice a lot of players have a nice smooth and slow tempo and some players have a quick and a fast tempo and a rhythm. Now a tempo and a rhythm is very much an individual matter, people move at their own paces, if you are a particularly slow and languid mover you kind of walk around in an actual languid pace the rhythm of your swing is going to be slow and languid as well. If you are someone who dances around from job to job and from kind of meeting to meeting say, your rhythm might be a little bit quicker and a little bit faster.

However there can be rhythms which are too slow and there can be rhythms which are too fast as well. Now to find your perfect rhythm there's a great little way you can actually practice using slow motion swings. Now when you get setup over the ball you only need a few balls to kind of practice this drill, but when you are over the ball take a few practice swings, swinging very, very slowly. Trying to make sure all the different swing elements are working in order and everything feels nice and comfortable and nice and relaxed. Now you can do this hitting balls or you can do this without balls, but what you need to do is gradually speed up the swing up until the point where you don’t quite feel in control and you don’t quite feel things are working in the right order.

And right at that point you just dial it down a notch and that is your swing rhythm your ideal swing rhythm that you can hit the most consistent shots. So practicing, swinging it up in a slow motion manner gradually building up the pace until you get to the point where something just doesn’t quite feel right, something goes out of sync and then dial it back in and use the last swing. Now you can practice that you can use balls you don’t have to use balls like we said but when you find that good rhythm and that good kind of tempo to your swing you are going to be hitting some very consistent shots -- and hopefully more consistent shots more often. But use that drill find your rhythm find your tempo and hopefully more success will come your way.