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How can I make a wide golf back swing with my driver? Now when you’ve got the driver in hand, having a nice full wide back swing will do a couple of things. But mainly, it will increase the amount of potential speed you have through impact. Now if you want a wide golf swing, you can push it as wide as you physically can; all width in the golf swing is the amount of distance that the club head travels in relation to your swing center which is pretty much the middle of the chest. So you can turn that club over to a super wide position all the way over your head. However, if it goes that wide above the head, it’s going to be very very hard to control it on the way down. So it’s a matter of creating a wide turn while also keeping a little bit of connection to the body. Now to do this, all you want to be focusing on, is getting yourself in a strong set up position, and then focusing on this position here with the arms and the shoulders in this triangle. What you want to be doing is pushing that club away from the ball, away from the body, but keeping the arms and the shoulders connected together, not allowing them to fly off and away.

So keep the arms quite close into the side of the body, push that club head away, turn the body, keep that club head moving away from the ball, away from the body but keeping these arms connected. By the time you get to the top of the swing, the left arm will be extended, the club will be a long way away from the body but the arms is still connected inwards. But not flowing away into a position where you need to redirect them on the way down. Now the second thing you need to think about about the wide turn, is you keep the lower half nice and stable. Again, you can turn full, then you can turn wide, but you can lose control of the lower half of your body. Try and keep some flex in the knees, try and keep the flex especially in the left knee because if that straightens out and the hit flies open, you can lose a lot of consistency in that back swing. So keep connected with the arms and the shoulders, make a wider turn as possible while keeping the lower half nice and stable.

And if you can get all of those things working together it’s going to allow you to hit a very straight and some very powerful golf shots.