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A lot of people looking to build power throughout the goal swing just jump on to the fact that they want to hit the ball as hard as possible. They start turning the body as much as they can. They start moving their hands as much as they can. And just trying to get that club moving through as quickly as possible. A lot of those same players neglect the setup positions and neglect what the lower half is doing to start building up that power. It is something that you see so many of the world's best players doing is get into a solid setup, and building that solid foundation. If you have a solid foundation you can build a powerful and solid golf swing. If that foundation is weak and it's liable to move around it will not be as easy to get into these strong powerful positions throughout the golf swing. So what do we want to be looking within the setup?

What do we want to see to give us an indication that our setup is strong and that it is powerful. First of all you need to go through a little bit of a routine where you'll get yourself setup into these positions. Now first of all your stance width needs to be appropriate for the club that you are using. So I'm using a 7-iron here and my stance width is just going to be shoulder width apart. If I was moving on to a driver my stance width will be wider just outside the shoulders because I'm going to be generating more power and more clubhead speed. But here with this 7-iron, my feet are shoulder width apart. I'm going to separate my feet out and display them out. So my left foot is pointing out more and my right toe is also pointing out more. This is something that a lot of golfers neglect. But it will allow the hips to turn more efficiently throughout the golf swing. It is not something to be overlooked.

So my feet are turned outwards. I'm going to get my backside sticking out. I'm going to keep my back nice and straight and I'm going to add in flex to the knees. Now if you've ever played soccer or you’ve ever played basketball this is a position that you will be in when you're ready to receive a pass or you're ready to block a shot. You are braced. You're on the balls of your feet, and you’re ready to stop. You can get into that same position very, very simply just to the side of the ball by getting those feet into this position, ready to receive that pass, ready to stop that. And you can see knees flexed, spine tilted over, I am in an athletic and ready position to hit the shot. Once you started to build up that foundation, you can then start moving onto the golf swing to start adding in power to your swing. If you neglect this part of the setup, your swing will suffer as a result. So spend a little bit of time focusing on this, and then how you can use the lower body more effectively as you are swinging the club as well.