Golf How Do I Keep My Head Down 1

The familiar four words that are easily said after any bad shot on the golf course by your so called helpful friends and playing partners - 'Keep your head down!'

This is the most damaging advice which has the power to ruin a golfer’s ability to play better golf. The reason this piece of advice gets passed about is because it is easy to say after any bad shot. 99.9% of the time this information is completely false and can interfere with the golfer’s ability to have a free flowing golf swing to produce the best golf shots.

Fault - A bad shot is played, normally a topped shot, and your playing partners or friends state that you must have lifted your head, that is why you have topped the golf ball. A topped golf shot is where the leading edge of the golf club makes contact with the middle/top of the golf ball, and therefore the ball rolls along the floor with very little power and never gets airborne. This leads the golfer to force their head down when they next hit the golf ball and they do not continue to follow through, resulting in a poor shot.

Fix - Holding your posture, keeping your leading arm straight at impact, and making sure the weight distribution in your feet stays in the same place at impact is what needs to be worked on if you are topping the ball or missing the golf ball. Work on hitting golf shots whilst attempting to hold your posture at impact and work on maintaining your height at impact. Position yourself so that you can see your side profile in a mirror or reflection of glass and continue to set up to an empty tee peg. Whilst looking in the reflection, start to swing to the top of the golf swing and gently back down towards impact focusing on maintaining the posture and height originally found at set up.

The next thing to work on and practice is keeping the weight distribution in the feet towards the middle of your feet. This way when you come into impact, the body weight will not be tempted to move away from the golf ball towards the heels.

Key tip - Work on keeping the leading arm (left arm for right handed golfers) as straight at impact as it was at set up. Work on maintaining the length of the left arm throughout the golf swing and work on striking down and beyond the golf ball, and you will increase the chance of reaching the bottom of the golf ball at impact.

Practice this exercise and drill without the golf ball first to create the feeling of stretching the arm and strike beyond the impact area.