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So if you are guilty of, guilty of skying the ball too many times. The marks upon the top of the golf club, you’re familiar with those. The ball flying too high up in the air, not far enough forwards and just popping underneath that golf ball. Let’s have a look at what the main causes of that might be. The first one is a pretty obvious one really; it’s just having the ball to high up on the tee-peg. As long as I set my club in behind that ball it’s about half the ball sitting above the top of the club which I would deem to be about right for this particular type of shot but tee-pegs are made these days very, very long you can buy really long tee-pegs and sometimes they’re too big. If I slide that club in behind the ball there you can see almost entire golf ball is above the crown, the leading edge of my club.

So if I made a swing at this and I swung and hit the ground and swept underneath the ball, that ball is going to fire straight off the roof of the club, straight up in the air and again damage the top of my club. So we’ve got to be very careful I'm not teeing the golf ball up too high as I make my set up around about half the ball above the top of the club would be fine. Other issues that might cause me problems with skying the golf ball and popping it off the leading edge would be making a golf swing that’s too steep. Now a fact is here or maybe making a golf swing that’s too long as well so as I set up to ball from this way around if I make a backswing that gets too long here, generally going to be pulled over onto my left hand side potentially chopping down on the golf ball which going to make it a very steep golf swing.

Steep is going to embed the club down underneath the ball, effectively coming in this trajectory, wedging the ball off the top edge and skying it. Another factor that might make my golf swing too steep would not having enough rotation or enough activity in the lower half of my body. Generally golfers that don’t have enough activity or turning in the hips are generally going to make an armsy swing. Armsy swings generally speaking are going to be outside the line, chopping down onto the ball, hitting downwards too much and even though you’ve teed the ball or put the relevant height and you feel the ball is teed up at the right height -- having a golf swing that’s too long or not enough lower body and just hitting with hands and arms will generally get too steep at the impact position, too much angle of attack, the ball pops off the leading edge and goes too high. So consider that steep swing or too high a tee peg could be the main reasons why you’re skying the golf ball.