Video Series

Video Transcript

We've all been -- haven't we've all been in that situation where you're lined up on the first tee; a bit of a crowd watching you behind there, you're nervous because it's the start of the day. You've got the ball pegged up nice and high so you don't top it. You've got you driver out, and then you swing down and you go straight underneath the back of that golf ball. It comes off the top of the club, it shoots up in the air; and then it seems to take forever in the air because it -- everyone's gasped. It's gone straight up in the air and it takes 10 seconds while it's in the air, then it lands right in front of the tee box and probably didn't even clear the lady's tee. Now I'm saying everyone's been there, thankfully it's a while since I've been there. But if you've been in that situation more regularly, and you're skying your drivers; hopefully this little mini-series of videos is actually going to help you understand why you're skying the driver, and how you can stop skying thee driver on a regular basis.

So one of the things I check for when I see golfers they come in for their lessons; I take all their head covers off, and I have a look through their bag. And one of the things I check for with the driver is the damage to the crown of the driver across that leading edge. And more often than not, with the head cover off -- and there's probably one or two little rogue marks on the top; damages the value of the golf club, of course that one. Where the ball is teed up and it goes straight underneath it, and leaves a mark on the leading edge. I take some golfers' club head cover off, and it looks like there's more maps on the top edge than they are on the leading edge; you're on the face. And they are very consistently hitting the skides, or they're hitting the top of the club all the time; you're shooting the ball up in the air. And there's golfers like that that we really need to target with this little series of videos. So if you know that your driver has got damage across the crown, and you're skying the ball up in the air all the time; well let's see this next little video, and hopefully there'll be a few tips on here where you can improve to get rid of those sky tee shots.