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So here you join me when I'm playing a game called towel target chipping. And what I've done here is taken my golf towel of the side of my bag, placed it on the green in the location where I'd actually like to land the ball with my chip and run shot. And this is a great way of visualizing the right area to land on because now as I setup to the ball, I don't actually have to look necessarily at the flag. I can start to focus on my towel laid out in front of me. I'm going to line up and take a few shots here. I'm going to how many times I can land my pitch and my bump and run shot on or close to the towel. I just missed the towel a bit long. Now look where the ball will finish? Just a bit long on the hole as well, just on the back edge of it nearly caught the towel.

That one did catch the towel. In fact that's taken a bad break actually. That hit the back edge of the towel and shot off. That's caught the towel nicely. Short of the towel you see I'm landing it bit too fast. I've landed that one a bit shorter. That one is hit the towel as well. Get in. Yeah that's not bad. So after those six shots I think I'd actually hit the towel three times 50% success rate. But actually when I walk up here to my putts I probably got 50 60, well 60% of them in a closed enough range. They're pretty easy to happen. And actually only one ball rolled quite a long way past and if you remember that was the one that caught the back edge of the towel and shot off so I feel a bit hard done by, by that.

So from this distance away 25-30 paces away the eight-iron bump and run I've landed on my spot which is only about 18 inches deep. I have landed on my spot 50% of the time and actually 50 or 60% of my shots are finished in a location where I'd be quite happy that I'd be able to get up and down on a couple of them and the longest one is probably there 7 feet away so good opportunities of holding the putts. So when you're playing this game try this again. Put the towel out there. Line six balls up there. Try and get 50% of your shots to land on the towel. Notice where the ball rolls out to how close it should be to the flag because from this part of the green you really want to be getting up and down around about 50% of the time. 50% to hit the towel, 50% should be close enough. That should give you up and down 50% at the time with an option of holding the other putts as well and that's the towel bump and run game.