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Mimicking the movements within the swing to add power is going to be key to include within an exercise routine and as you come down into impacting the straining of the arms, the extension of the arms down through impact is you really explode with energy through the ball is a nice one to try and mimic. And it is a great drill that you can actually use pressing the shoulders upwards but also then downwards to try and incorporate some of these powerful movements. Now all you need for this is going to work the shoulders and the back muscles but all you need is a medicine ball and just a few key movements. Now the medicine ball start off with standing very, very tall and clutching it to the chest, and all you want to be doing here is pressing it upwards over your head, so you are extending the arms, so its an upward press bringing it down towards the body but then you can step forwards and also push it down to the left hand side.

Then repeat, to the chest, up, down and then press it while stepping forward to the right hand side. Now you can see how this is going to wok on the explosive energy within the arms but also downwards as well. And it is only going to take just a little slight adaption to do a lot more movements into other areas as well really working the arms, working the shoulders and working this action of actually pumping up the arms. So over, down, step, press, back and then repeat on the other side and after a few of these you will really be able to feel it on the back of your arms and the back of your shoulders. But this will really start to encourage that impact practice of really extending the arms and stretching them through and hopefully adding a little bit more power into the golf swing.