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I think every golfer would admit that they struggle to play in the rain as well as they would do in the sunshine. And I think the one thing that would encourage us all to play a little bit more if it was going to be raining was to have a caddy stood next to us. You know I love to see those caddies on the TV doing everything they can to keep the player dry. The caddy is running around in the rain passing the umbrella to the player giving him a dry glove and giving him a dry towel and lots of things, just doing everything he possibly can to keep the player dry. And unfortunately most golfers don’t have the luxury of the caddy to do that. But we can learn from what the caddies do and learn a little bit about how we can keep ourselves dry. So one thing you'll often see the caddies do is when they’ve got their umbrellas up; they’ve got this scenario setup inside it.

We've got gloves hanging in here, we've got a towel hanging in here and as we're walking down the fairway we're keeping everything quite dry. In fact, if you're playing on a warm day you might actually be actively drying these things out. So, they might have got wet when you were playing with them, hang up the spare gloves and the spare towel inside the umbrella, they're going to stay dry as long as you fold the umbrella up, when you get to where you're getting to you put your umbrella down again, you can take the glove off the inside, play the shot, hang it back up again, walk off back down the fairway, keeping the towel and the glove dry when you're playing golf is essential in the rain because there is nothing worse than getting wet grips. The caddy knows how to look after the player, learn from what the caddies do and copy their little umbrella arrangement and that will help you next time it's raining.